High Temperature Calcined Brown Fused Alumina(also named Blue Fire Brown Fused Alumina) & Medium Calcined Brown Fused Alumina


This material is Brown Fused Alumina which is calcined(heated) under 1350°C or 1050°C temperature for 4-8 hours. Through this processing, many substances which are not good for abrasives are vaporized or separated out of the material. The material become more stable and harder to have chemical reaction during manufacturing of abrasives tools. Inner pressure is removed, single crystal is increased, less magnetic contents, tougher and stronger for ball grinding or blasting. And the material becomes blocky. By using calcined Brown Fused Alumina, you will get more production output of abrasives tools.


Applications: High Quality Grinding Wheels, Big Grinding Wheels and other Boned Abrasives Tools, High Speed Intensity Sand Belts and other Coated Abrasives Tolls, Sandblasting Abrasives, Surface Preparation


Grits Available: F8,F10,F12,F14,F16,F20,F24,F30,F36,F40,F46,F54,F60,F70,F80,F90,F100,F120,F150,F180,F220,F240 for bonded abrasives

P8,P10,P12,P14,P16,P20,P24,P30,P36,P40,P46,P54,P60,P70,P80,P90,P100,P120,P150,P180,P220,P240 for coated abrasives


Packing: 1M/T Big Bag, 25kg Paper Bag+Wood Pallet Shrink-wrapped for each ton load



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