We'll attend 2013 Beijing International Abrasives Exhibition
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Beijing International Abrasives and Grinding Exposition will be held for a period of three days. This international trade show will give prime importance to all kinds of abrasives and abrasive tools. At the same time it will make the eminent experts related to abrasives and abrasive tools manufacturing industry aware of the modern changes and the advanced techniques which are badly needed for the advancement of this sector.
Beijing International Abrasives and Grinding Exposition will include numerous exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. This expo will give an opportunity to the exhibitors to display various kinds of abrasive tools, Abrasive sheet for dry grinding, Abrasive cloth for dry grinding, Waterproof abrasive paper, Ultra coating abrasive paper and Testing equipment and instruments.

The exhibitors will exhibit the latest products and services including Brown fused alumina, White fused alumina, Black fused alumina, Chrome alumina, Zirconia alumina, Mono crystalline alumina, Microcrystalline alumina, Pr neodymium alumina, Sintered alumina, Black silicon carbide, Green silicon carbide, Cubic silicon carbide, Cerium silicon carbide, Electrical Silicon carbide, Boron carbide, Super abrasives, Natural industrial diamond, Synthetic diamond, Cubic boron nitride, PCD, PCBN and CVD diamond film, Abrasives tools, Vitrified bond grinding wheels, Resin bond grinding wheels, Rubber bond grinding wheels, Oxychloride abrasives, Burrstone, Mounted wheel, Grinding segment, Lapping paste, Super abrasive product, Diamond grinding wheel, Diamond grinding plate, Diamond saw blade, Diamond segment, Diamond core drill bit, Diamond roller, Diamond rag wheel, Diamond abrasive block, Diamond flexible pad, Diamond electroplated product, Diamond lapping paste, Diamond drawing die, Diamond cutting tools, Diamond wire saw, Abrasive sheet for dry grinding, Abrasive cloth for dry grinding, Waterproof abrasive paper, Ultra coating abrasive paper, Waterproof and oil resistant sheet, Sheet for metal grinding, Paper backing abrasive belt, Mesh belt, Abrasive disc, Dish disc, Flap wheel, Elastic sponge grinding block, Raw and auxiliary materials, bruising mill and fine grinder, equipment for magnetic separating and screening, mixing and forming machine, equipment for firing and for curing, wheel post-treating machine, different presses, selection machine, sieving machine, magnetic separator, Testing equipment and instruments, Magnetic analyzer, magnetic susceptibility analyzer, abrasive cleanness determination apparatus, Grinding machine, Hand tools, electric power tools, pneumatic power tools and abrasives and abrasive tools.

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